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6 Tesla Customization Trends in 2021 and Where to Get Them in Los Angeles

One of the best parts about car ownership is being able to customize your vehicle and express yourself. With Tesla, the options are limitless.

No matter if you want something that completely changes the appearance of your vehicle or something more subtle, there is a customization for you.

The following are 6 Tesla customization trends of 2021 and where you can get them in Los Angeles.

1)     Interior Upgrade

With Teslas being such amazing and pricy vehicles, some people are let down by the lack of luxury interior features. One of the trending customizations right now is interior upgrades. This may include upgrades to your Tesla’s seats, or even replacing the headliner with luxury microsuede.

At Unplugged Performance at 3423 Jack Northrop Ave. in Hawthorne California next door to the Tesla Design Center, you can have your seats or headliner upgraded. The Alcantara Headliner Upgrade includes replacing your Tesla’s main headliner, visors, A pillar trim, and B pillar trim with OEM Alcantara microsuede.

You can pick any color you would like for your upgrades, either matching your interior upgrade to your existing interior or choosing something different to get a unique look.

Unplugged performance specializes in Tesla vehicle customizations and will ensure that you achieve the upscale appearance befitting such a great vehicle.


2)     Brake Caliper Painting

Another option if you want to give your Tesla just a little extra flair while maintaining your Tesla’s original presence is brake caliper painting. Changing just the color of your brake calipers without altering anything else or in combination with other customizations can help you Tesla stand out in the sea of vehicles on the road.

Caliper Painting at StickerCity is done with high heat automotive grade paint resulting in a sleek finish and is a fairly quick process. Powder coating applied here lasts the test of time and you can choose any color that you can imagine.

3)     Chrome Deletes

Located at 4638 Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks California, StickerCity can also black out your Tesla with chrome deletes.

Alternatively, they can change your chrome parts to match the color of your vehicle for a streamlined look if our Tesla isn’t black, or make it a totally different color so that it stands out.

Many Tesla owners do not really enjoy the chrome trim on their vehicle. Using either vinyl to wrap the chrome parts or paint, StickerCity can expertly conceal all chrome parts.

This includes Tesla T emblems on both the front and back of your Tesla, the headlight eyelids on Tesla Model S, the window trim, door handles, and autopilot cameras.

4)     Vinyl Wrap

PVC vinyl wraps are a great option for any color change you want to make to your Tesla without having to commit to permanently painting your vehicle.

Especially beneficial if you are leasing your Tesla or plan to sell it in the future, vinyl wraps are removable and come in every color and pattern imaginable.

You could have your Tesla’s color changed to something simple like a matte black with chrome deletes, or something extravagant like zebra print if you wanted!

Vinyl wrap, adding an extra layer to your paint, also can help prevent very minor scratches and scuffs, damaging the wrap instead of your paint. Vinyl car wraps at StickerCity take about 8 days, unlike the fast brake caliper powder coating, but is well worth the wait and you can expect high-quality results.

5)     Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating

Paint protection is another customization that is currently trending and understandably so. No one would want their beloved vehicle’s paint to get damaged and reducing its value and degrading its appearance. Paint protection film, also known as a clear bra when applied to only the front of a vehicle, is a thin film applied to a vehicle’s paint to protect it.

Maximizing and maintaining resale value since the paint will be protected, paint protection film is a great idea for Tesla owners. As its nickname suggests, paint protection film is clear and invisible on your paint.

Ceramic coating is another paint protection product that goes above and beyond paint protection film. Not only does it protect against dirt, dust, scratches, dings, and small dents, but it also repels water and oil, keeping away hazardous substances and making washing your Tesla easier. Other advantages to ceramic coating are enhanced paint clarity and protection against fading paint from sun exposure.

At StickerCity you can get XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film meant for application over glossy paint or paint that you want to look glossy, XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film for satin paint, and XPEL Ceramic Coating.

Since StickerCity was named as XPEL’s California Dealer of the Year in both 2018 and 2019, you can trust them to do the best job in the Los Angeles area when it comes to paint protection.

6)     OHM Wheels

One more way you can make a change to your Tesla to improve its appearance is to get a set of OHM wheels.

Instead of the factory wheels that your Tesla has, you can upgrade to OHM wheels and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

With many different options, colors, and styles, there is a wheel out there to match your tastes and any other customizations you get for your Tesla.

Located at 227 East Florence Ave. in Huntington Park California, Fine Touch can install, and is a dealer of, OHM wheels. OHM wheels are made specifically for Tesla’s Model S, Model Y, Model X, and Model 3. Because of this, their design keeps in mind all of the nuances of Tesla vehicles.

These tires are compatible with OE (original equipment) wheel center cap with the logo, and with the existing factory tire pressure system.

Wrapping Up

There’s little better than customizing your vehicle and there are many trending customizations available to Tesla owners in the Los Angeles area. Some of the most frequently asked for customizations include interior upgrades, paint protection products, chrome deletes, vinyl wraps, brake caliper powder coating, and OHM wheels. 

For more info, here’s a full list of the services we provide.  Did you enjoy this article? Check out our blog. Have questions? Contact us.