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Car Wrap FAQs

With an immense focus on individuality, Los Angeles helps people in being their authentic selves.

This acceptance of different human perspectives is one of the many reasons why the City of Stars is known for completely unique entertainment offerings, culinary delights, and artful expressions.


Whether or not you identify as one of the many creatives who call LA home, feeling comfortable in your skin can work wonders for your personal well being. 


Since car wraps can customize your vehicle any way you want, they are a simple yet effective way to flaunt your personality to the world. Whether you are a sports fan or a comic book enthusiast, car wraps can help you make an introduction to anyone you meet without even uttering a word.


Along with boosting your self-confidence, this little expression can help you feel more secure in interacting with people you meet through the city. But that’s not all. Car wraps are also an effective way to protect your vehicle’s body from scratches and abrasions, while also covering up existing car scratches easily.


Sounds like a win-win situation? That’s because it most definitely is!


However, due to its visual significance, getting a car wrap for your vehicle can also be a big step which crops up many inquiries in your mind. To help you make an informed decision, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that vehicle owners have regarding car wraps. 


Can Car Wrap Be Washed?


A car wrap can be washed, but you should make sure not to put it through an abrasive wash method. Intensive scourging or rubbing against the car wash may cause its material to erode. In order to keep your car wrap safe, you should only apply gentle washing and cleaning methods.


Camouflage wrap on Audi RS7

Camouflage wrap on Audi RS7

Handwashing is the best way to clean a car wrap. By using a soft sponge or squeegee with gentle detergent, you can easily make your car sparkling clean. 


But if you don’t like washing your car by hand, you can drive it through a touchless car wash. Simply put, the touchless car wash method employs high pressure water and soap to clean your car. Since it doesn’t use any brushes, it is safer than ordinary car washes. 


With that being said, hand washing is definitely the recommended method out of the two.


How Long Does a Car Wrap Last?


High quality car wraps are built using premium vinyl material. They also use commercial grade adhesives to make sure that the wrap doesn’t slide off the car. This allows the car wrap to last longer than ordinary materials. 


Lamborghini Huracan wrapped In Matte Purple / Blue Iridescent

With proper care, your car wrap can easily last for 5 years. Some car wraps can go even longer. 


It is important to remember that weather and related factors contribute to a car wrap’s lifespan. This is why, it’s crucial to take care of aspects such as brushless cleaning and exposure to extreme weather. Being mindful of these tips helps you make the most out of your investment.


Can a Car Wrap Be Removed?


The short answer: Yes, a car wrap can be removed. 


The long answer: The efficacy of the removal process depends upon the car wrap material and its installation process.


If your car wrap is made out of high quality materials and installed by qualified experts, a professional can easily remove it by using proper techniques and equipment. 


To help you understand the process, the adhesive on a car wrap is reactive to prolonged and intense exposure to extreme heat. This is why, most experts may use a heat gun to remove your car wrap safely. 


If you had your car wrap installed by a credible vendor and have it removed by an experienced professional, the removal process doesn’t leave any lasting marks or spots on your car. After the removal, your car gets good as new with a proper wash.

What’s the Average Car Wrap Cost in Los Angeles?


The average cost of a car wrap job depends upon various factors, which include the vehicle’s size, as well as the extent and scale of the car wrap.


A simple-finish car wrap with minimal cover area costs less than a vehicle wrap that has chrome finish or a larger cover area. This is why, narrowing it down to an average cost still leaves you with a wide range of probabilities. 


Los Angeles offers several types of car wrap designs and types, which further contributes to the overall fluctuation in cost. 


With this in mind, an average car wrap in LA can cost you upwards of $3,000. However, this is just the cost of a so-called “starter” car wrap. If you want a more high end finish or need the wrap for an upscale car, the cost will run higher. 


The best way to determine the specific cost for your car wrap is to contact a vendor for a specific price quote. These estimates are usually offered free of cost, which helps you get an idea of how much funds to set aside before driving your car to the car wrap expert.


Does It Look Better Than Paint?


A high end car wrap looks significantly more appealing than a typical paint job. But in order to get this effect, it is important that you get your car wrap from a reliable vendor who uses premium materials. Otherwise, comparing a mediocre car wrap to an expensive paint job would leave a lot to be desired. 


With this in mind, make sure to only buy a car wrap that uses high end materials, so you can get the full benefits in terms of its sheen, quality, and aesthetic.


Can a Car Wrap Still Scratch?


Satin Pearl White Aston Martin

Aston Martin wrapped in Satin Pearl White.

Premium car wraps come with a certain durability, but they can still scratch and scruff with strong abrasions. With that being said, most scratches can often be removed by the help of an expert. 


These experts use heat-induced methods to get the car wrap good as new. When this method is applied with the required level of skill, it can kick most scratches away like they never existed in the first place.


Is a Car Wrap Worth It?


A car wrap is definitely worth the price due to its uniqueness, durability, and overall value for money. High quality car wraps often come at lower prices than expensive paint jobs, which also makes them a comparatively cost-effective way of customizing your car. 


Apart from showcasing your individual personality, car wraps also save your car’s body from larger scratches and abrasions. This is another quality that is often sought after by most drivers in LA, thanks to the intense traffic in the city that causes several small accidents on a daily basis. 

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