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Looking to Chrome Delete your Tesla in Los Angeles? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

One way you can set your Tesla apart from all of the other vehicles on the road is to chrome delete your Tesla. This way, you can restyle your Tesla without the commitment that comes along with repainting your vehicle since that is permanent.

If you have already decided that you really like how chrome deletes look or just really dislike your chrome deletes and are determined to have them deleted, but haven’t done enough research yet, you’ve come to the right place. The following is everything you need to know regarding getting chrome deletes for your Tesla.

What Parts of Your Tesla Can You Have Chrome Deleted?

Just about any chrome pieces and parts on your Tesla can be chrome deleted. This includes window trims, front and rear Tesla T emblems, turn signal indicators, headlight eyelids on Tesla Model S, and wheel center caps.

One of the most popular areas to have chrome deleted on Tesla vehicles is the door handles which many people find unsightly standing out the way it does against their paint.

Any place on your Tesla that has a painted or chrome surface can be deleted. The options do not end at your chrome pieces.

What Colors Can Be Used?

If you are looking for chrome deletes for your Model 3 in Los Angeles, you may be wondering what colors can be used to cover your chrome bits. The most common color chosen is the color of your Tesla’s existing paint. This way, the chrome portion of your vehicle will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your vehicle. This can give your Tesla a sleek stealth look, especially if your Tesla is black.

This isn’t the only option though. There are vinyl films for every color and pattern you can think of. You could have your Tesla’s chrome deleted with a vinyl that has the appearance of carbon fiber, a completely different color contrasting the existing paint of your Tesla, or even an exotic pattern that can be anything from animal print to iridescent patterns.

When choosing a vinyl color for your Tesla’s chrome pieces, also consider the finish. You can get matte or gloss options to go with your paint. Alternatively, you could get a textured finish if you would like.

Will Chrome Deletes Damage my Tesla’s Chrome?

One of the best things about chrome deletes is that they will not damage your chrome and can be removed as long as you get a vinyl chrome delete. Although most places use vinyl, there are some places that exclusively use paint to cover your chrome.

If paint is used to hide your chrome pieces, it can easily cause substantial damage to your chrome because of the process it has to undergo during paint prep. Not only this, but paint is known to easily chip off of chrome, with Tesla’s front T having paint chip off in less than 6 months.  

On the other hand, vinyl chrome deletes are easy to remove by a professional and will leave no damage to your Tesla’s chrome. This is especially important if there is any possibility that you will want to sell your Tesla in the future.

Resale Value

Although it is very possible to sell your Tesla to another enthusiast on web forums specific to Tesla vehicles when you have your chrome deleted, on the general market you will make more without any customizations. Removing your chrome deletes brings your vehicle back to factory quality and value and is worth the trouble.

Since customizations reduce the value of vehicles, it might seem like there’s no point in asking “do vinyl wraps increase the value of a car?” but it actually can to some degree. When you have a vinyl wrap on the chrome parts of your Tesla, it provides a thin barrier between it and anything it might come in contact with. That means that any scrapes, bumps, or dings will happen to the vinyl wrap over the top of your chrome parts instead of your Tesla’s chrome.

When you reverse your chrome deletes, the chrome underneath will be in better condition than if it were to have been exposed the entire time. The difference this will make, though, is not super significant.

Where Should Chrome Deletes Be Installed?

Chrome deletes are one of the top Tesla customization trends in 2021 and it has many people trying to decide where to go to get it done. Some people will tell you that it is simple and easy to apply a vinyl wrap to your Tesla’s chrome yourself, but this is not advisable. Unless you, yourself, are experienced with vinyl wrapping vehicles already, you should not risk the bubbles and peeling that can occur if you do it yourself.

A professional, experienced, reputable installer will be able to prevent defects and imperfections from happening and will fix any mistakes if they do happen without additional cost. Here at StickerCity at 4638 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, we specialize in all types of wraps including full body vinyl wraps, chrome deletes, and were even named the XPEL California Dealer of the Year twice.

Wherever you go, you want to ensure they have the expertise required to do a high-quality job on your high-quality vehicle!

What If I Also Want Paint Protection?

There is no reason that you can not protect your Tesla’s paint and get the aesthetics of a chrome delete. After your chrome delete is installed, you can have XPEL’s paint protection film or ceramic coating applied to your Tesla’s paint since either option is compatible with vinyl wraps!

XPEL’s Stealth Paint Protection Film, for example, has a matte finish, protects your Tesla from the acidic smear left behind by squished bugs and other contaminants, and shields your paint from road debris. XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection film has the same qualities but has a glassy finish.

Both Stealth and Ultimate options are self-healing and any scuffs and scrapes that did not completely penetrate the film will self-heal with heat.  Finally, XPEL’s Ceramic Coating not only shields your vehicle from road debris and contamination but also repels them as well. 

For more information on chrome deletes, click here, otherwise here’s a full list of the services we provide.  Did you enjoy this article? Check out our blog. Have questions? Contact us.