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How Much is Ceramic Pro, and Is It Worth the Cost?

If you want to protect your car from everyday wear and tear, you have a few options at your disposal. From temporary measures to permanent treatments, the different methods bring added flexibility to the table. 


But this variety in choices also makes it difficult for you to make a decision, especially when you have to choose between popular ways to protect your car. 

As one of the most widely used solutions for paint and auto body protection, Ceramic Pro stands tall between these options. With its permanent coat, long-lasting coverage, and exceptional safety features, it has become a sought after way to maintain the appearance of almost every type of car.


But given that Ceramic Pro is a professional car treatment, it doesn’t come as cheap as some DIY options. This is enough to make you think about the total cost associated with Ceramic Pro. But even more so, it also makes you wonder whether the treatment is worth it.


To help you find answers to these critical questions, here’s a lowdown on Ceramic Pro and all of its important features.


What is Ceramic Pro and How Does It Work?

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Ceramic Pro is a clear protective coating that safeguards your car’s paint and exterior. The ceramic-based material is available in the form of a liquid. Once it is applied, it dries out to form a hard layer that protects the paint underneath. Apart from the main exterior, some Ceramic Pro products are also made for the interior of your vehicle.


Ceramic Pro is made using nanotechnology. This brings together the ceramic materials in the coating to create a solid glass layer, which is impenetrable for small dust particles as well as other contaminants. 


As a result, the Ceramic Pro coating becomes the first point of contact for any external elements that would otherwise land on your car’s auto body. Instead of letting these materials seep down to your car’s body and inflict damage to it, Ceramic Pro keeps them at bay.


Ceramic Pro Can Be Applied to Vinyl Coating


Ceramic Pro is classified as a clear protective topcoat. This means that it is perfect for cars with factory paint jobs and custom paint treatments. But its application doesn’t end at paint alone. Ceramic Pro can also be applied to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) wraps.


If your vinyl wrap is properly set and free of any scratches and scuffs, you can put Ceramic Pro as a top layer without any worries. When applied by a professional, the ceramic coating acts just the way it does for paint jobs. It can also be added both under and over the car wrap. As a result, you are able to add advanced protection to your PVC wraps and get the most out of your investment.



Ceramic Pro Carries Multiple Benefits for Your Car

Apart from fending off dust and other contaminants, Ceramic Pro also works wonders in terms of protecting your car’s exterior from ultraviolet (UV) rays. This decreases the chances of sun damage to your vehicle’s paint or vinyl. As a result, you are able to get long-lasting results from your car’s factory paint job or custom vinyl treatment.


In addition to this, the layer also saves your car from small scratches and paint chips that can come with regular use. It doesn’t stop there, and also provides additional resistance to corrosion and oxidation. In the case of vinyl wrap, this protection extends to scuffs over the PVC material as well as water damage to its surface. This also helps you protect any funds that you put towards your vehicle’s aesthetic. 


Apart from saving your car from wear and tear, Ceramic Pro also makes cleanup a breeze. With the ceramic coating’s smooth surface, you don’t have to tire yourself out with constant scrubbing. Whether your vehicle travels through muddy roads or dusty fields, it only takes a few smooth swipes with a washcloth to make it good as new again. Since Ceramic Pro is a self cleaning clear coat, pulling off extensive cleaning is as easy as it gets.


The Ceramic Coating Also Enhances Your Car’s Looks

interior ceramic coating

While Ceramic Pro is a protective shield for your car’s paint or vinyl wrap, that’s not its only function. Due to its base composition of ceramic nanoparticles and its appearance of a durable glass shield, the coating also doubles as a visual enhancement treatment for your car.


With its smooth sheen and spotless surface, Ceramic Pro can bring an unmistakable flair to your car. Whether your vehicle has a paint job or a vinyl wrap, it can boast the elusive fresh off the showroom look in an effortless way. For those car owners who pay the utmost attention to appearances, this acts as perhaps the most important feature of the ceramic coating.


Ceramic Pro Requires Professional Installation


Unlike DIY protective treatments such as waxing and polishing that wear off comparatively quickly, the Ceramic Pro application can only be completed by a professional.


There’s a good reason for that. Since the ceramic coating is available in a liquid form that cures into a glass shield, it is a temperamental material to work with. But more than the material, it’s the preparation process for the surface of your car that proves to be a challenge. 


A small misstep in preparation or application can easily translate into a significant mistake and ends up botching the whole process. As a result, taking the DIY route with Ceramic Pro can do more harm than good.


When you reach out to a professional, they use their experience and skill set to ensure a careful application of the ceramic coating. This ensures that the installation stays free of any errors, and you are able to obtain a smooth surface that is distinctive to a perfect ceramic layer treatment. 


Apart from an even application of the Ceramic Pro material, professional execution also ensures that any preparation measures such as primer coats and paint correction are done properly. This also helps you steer clear of any visual issues with your ceramic coating. 


How Much Does Ceramic Pro Cost?

Ceramic Pro professional coatings are available through licensed professionals. You can get this ceramic coating for your car in the form of different packages, with the costs mainly relating to your car’s condition, the coat’s strength, and the projected duration of protection. 


Apart from covering your car’s main exterior, Ceramic Pro is also available for other parts such as your wheels. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also get the coating for your exterior and interior plastic surfaces. These options are available through different Ceramic Pro products.


For maximum efficacy, it is also recommended that you get multiple layers of the main Ceramic Pro 9H ceramic coating that goes on your car’s exterior. Some professionals recommend that you get at least 3-4 coats done for ideal protection. 


Due to this variety of applications, the overall cost of Ceramic Pro can be vastly different for each car. 


Depending upon your car, a professional application of Ceramic Pro can start from $300. But this is typically the lowest price point. This cost can vary with related factors such as the current state of your car’s paint, the overall condition of its surface, and the Ceramic Pro products that you choose to use during the application. 


On average, these costs can run over $1,500 for the maximum available package. However, the exact idea of associated expenses can only be provided once you get a personalized consultation. 


This is why it’s important that you reach out to a professional Ceramic Pro expert to get a specific quote. 


Ceramic Pro Is Worth the Cost and Hype, But You Should Still Keep Your Budget in Mind


A Ceramic Pro application comes with a one-time cost but provides you with long lasting protection. Depending upon the type of Ceramic Pro package that you get, the coating can last a few years. With proper aftercare, you can extend its overall lifespan and get the maximum value out of your investment. 


As compared to the repeated maintenance and touch up costs that you may have to cover over the same period, Ceramic Pro comes at a comparatively low expense. At the same time, it provides you with significant peace of mind and elevated comfort while taking care of your car. 


To summarize: If you have the funds to spare, getting Ceramic Pro is completely worth it. To explore your options, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional auto body expert.


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