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How To Take Care Of A 3M Clear Bra?

Your car is a very big investment at both the financial and emotional level. We never want it to get damaged either it is some dents or minor scratches. A good way to protect such damages is to have a 3M clear bra installed on your vehicle to protect the paint from the effect of weather like the sun, rain as well as dust or dirt. However, it is also very important that you aim at all the measures which can help in protecting the 3M Clear Bra in Los Angeles.


Wash carefully: first of all, you should ensure that you wash your car in routine for any dirt and dust which deposits on your vehicle. You should try to avoid high-pressure application on the film to ensure that the film is not peeled or damaged from anywhere.


Clear Bra Los Angeles

Powder detergent: when you approach some auto repair shop for SLIPLO Universal Skid Plates, it may get very expensive to work on the fixes. This is why having a 3M layered protection on your vehicle is preferred by car enthusiasts. Once your car is filmed with the clear bra you must use a good quality liquid car wash solution for washing your vehicle. Using powdered detergent on your vehicle may cause damage to the film and even paint due to the harsh feel.

Do not pick edges: applying a very high pressure while washing or parking your vehicle in direct sunlight may make it tough for the film to stay on the edges. However, you should never try to pick on edges as it may lead to pulling of entire film bringing loss to your investment as well as your car’s paint.

No abrasive action: last but not the least, it gets frequent that your car is supposed to get through extensive dust areas which may stick to your car and may get wet to get toughened. But you should never try to remove them by scratching as it can damage the film. Any kind of abrasion made to the film using a dry cloth or your trick to remove them with your nail may cause the protective film to pull out exposing your vehicle to damage.