You just spent north of 100K on a new car that you absolutely love and you want to protect it, keep it like new.  Believe me, I get it.  You’ve heard about protective films. You remember something called the “Clear Bra Paint Protection Film”, but you’re not sure what it is, you don’t know how to find a good installer and you’re afraid it might somehow damage the exterior.  Well, Sticker CIty can help you with all that.  Today, we’ll introduce you to the premiere product and technique used for exterior car protection.  It’s called the Clear Bra Paint Protection Film.


Choose the right protection package for your car

Little Bear Package

Coverage includes full hood, full fenders, headlights, mirrors and front bumper

For those who are looking for an inexpensive solution the Little Bear paint protection film package will provide great protection on a modest budget.

Little Bear Clear Bra Package

Papa Bear Package

Coverage includes full hood, full fenders, headlights, mirrors, front bumper and rocker panels

Our most popular option is the Papa Bear paint protection film package. True to its name, the full front provides protection at a moderate cost to the full front end. We do our best to make it look as seamless as possible by carefully wrapping each edge using our detailed proprietary process.

Papa Clear Bra Package

Big Mama Bear Package

Coverage includes all the painted portions of the vehicle.

For those who are looking for the best protection that money can buy we offer the full vehicle Big Mama Bear paint protection film package. This package is the ultimate option when it comes to perfectly preserving that high-end paint job. You can be assured that after installation your entire vehicle will be protected.

Big Mama Bear Clear Bra Package


Now that you know which Package to select, we use the best the industry offers for paint protection film — XPEL.

XPEL ULTIMATE (Gloss Finish)

What is XPEL paint protection film? Otherwise known as the “Clear Bra,” XPEL (PPF) is a clear polyurethane film that is applied to automobiles to shield them from scratches, dents, or scrapes. Too often, road debris, rocks, bird droppings and many other environmental elements assault your car. Why not protect that expensive paint job? XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is a virtually invisible urethane film that protects your vehicle’s paint from damage and maximizes resale value. XPEL paint protection film is beloved by car enthusiasts everywhere. The best part is that it comes in three simple options so you can protect your paint job based on your desired budget.

paint protection film installation
paint protection film benefits


What is XPEL STEALTH? Perhaps you’re looking for the same elite self-healing and protective features as our XPEL ULTIMATE film, but your automobile has a matte finish. Well, XPEL STEALTH comes in a satin finish that preserves matte paint in its showroom condition. Matte finishes need a different type of protection. They are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair compared to a standard finish. Even something as simple as touching up a rock chip can be a challenge when you’re car is painted with a matte finish.

XPEL STEALTH protects against road debris and bug acids while it enables you to easily wash and dry your car with no change to the luster of the finish. Your car will stand out for the right reasons with paint protection designed specifically for a matte finish — XPEL STEALTH.

Once matched and applied to factory matte paint, XPEL STEALTH disappears. This makes XPEL STEALTH a phenomenal choice for transitioning between unprotected top surfaces and vulnerable areas on the front of the car. Marks and light scratches disappear in a matter of minutes in the sun or the warmth of your garage, just like they do with XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS.

What if you’re looking for a way to protect your car and change it’s appearance at the same time? XPEL STEALTH can transform glossy paint into a sleek satin finish. For literally thousands less than a custom paint shop would charge, your vehicle can have the look and feel of a high-end matte finish. Even better, it only takes a fraction of the time. Drop your car off with one of our authorized installers and drive away with what looks like a completely different magnificent car! Make your family proud and your friends jealous. You won’t believe the change.

xpel paint protection film

STICKER CITY is an XPEL-Certified PPF Installer

Not all clear bra are alike (just read our FAQs below), just as not all Paint Protection Film installers will deliver the same service. We are certified by XPEL to deliver the best service for your car as far as installing the superb Paint Protection Film.


Can The Clear Bra Cause Potential Problems?

You’ve probably seen or heard about problems with the Clear Bra happening over time. Let’s look at some of the realities and see if we can shed some light on why these issues come up.

  • Peeling – While peeling can certainly result from a poor application or sub-standard film, it’s more likely the result of improper care. Let’s say for example that you’re using a pressure washer to clean your car. If the pressure washer is directed at the edge of the Clear Bra, it can lift the film and cause peeling.
  • Yellowing – Early on in the development and use of the Clear Bra there were reports of yellowing after some time. The companies that manufacture the Clear Bra investigated and discovered that the yellowing came from the adhesive. UV exposure was oxidizing the adhesive leading to discoloration. Eventually acrylic adhesives, which are UV resistant, were used. Today all quality film manufacturers use an acrylic adhesive, but beware of inferior products.

Blistering – Small air bubbles in the Clear Bra create a blistering effect that is assuredly caused by a poor installation. More often than not, an air bubble occurs due to a contaminant trapped under the film. This creates separation between the film and the surface of the car. The vehicle’s surface must be very carefully prepped before the Clear Bra touches the paint. How should an installer do this? Washing, claying and polishing are all important steps to take, but equally important is a controlled environment where the air can be filtered.

Where Did the Clear Bra Come From?

Automotive paint protection film or the “clear bra” is made from a transparent urethane material.  Like a lot of technological innovations, Urethane was developed during wartime, in this case the Vietnam War.  U.S. helicopters were crashing when the leading edge of the rotor blades sustained damage and needed to be protected.  Enter 3M, a company that worked with the military to develop tech that would be lightweight, but resilient. It also needed to be easily replaced at the fraction of the cost of the entire rotor blade.  Eventually, the urethane technology was expanded to include the nose of a fighter plane. A version of the urethane film is still being used by the military today.

In the 80’s NASCAR began using the film to protect the front end of these incredibly expensive racing cars.  It also provided an inexpensive way for advertisers to plaster their mark all over the cars creating a massive of opportunity for new revenue.  Eventually, urethane films became available to everyday consumers and became known as a “paint protection film” or “clear bra”.

What’s The Technology Behind The Clear Bra?

Now, because the Clear Bra is about to be installed on you’re new, beautiful, expensive car, you probably want to know what the heck it is.  First thing to know is that the Clear Bra comes in sheets of material. Ok, so what’s in a sheet? The main ingredient is urethane, a powerful and versatile polymer made from links of carbamate.  It’s amazing! Urethane is lightweight and transparent like plastic, but is not brittle or susceptible to tears or cracks. That’s not all. It has a high resistance to impact, abrasion, and corrosion.  Also, because of its flexible nature, urethane can return to its natural shape after being stretched.

Given all that urethane can do, it’s reasonable to ask, “Why isn’t it used for other things?”  The answer is that urethane is used in many other ways that are very commonplace to us today. For example, urethane can be found in household caulk because it seals spaces from moisture and prevents the growth of mildew and fungus.  Urethane is also used to coat boats and cables to protect from water damage. It’s used in everything from mining equipment to sporting equipment like football pads and surfboards.

The Clear Bra is not just a layer urethane it has two other layers.  The top layer is a clear coat made of elastomeric polymers. This layer enables the film to heal itself from small scratches.  It also has a low surface energy, which prevents organic compounds like bird droppings from bonding with the film. The bottom layer is lined with an acrylic adhesive allowing for flexibility so that it can be stretched and wrapped around every curve of your car.  It’s durable to prevent detachment and invisible so that the paint job can still shine through.

Is it possible to do the clear bra film in stages?

Absolutely, this happens many times.  Many clients do the front and see the great benefits and come back and do the rest of the body.  But most people would like to get it done in one shot if possible.

Is it better to get the clear bra right after I get the car?

We always recommend bringing in your car right when you purchase it so that you get to keep that fresh paint looking brand new right from the beginning.  We do have many people that bring in the cars even years after purchase but those will sometimes show their wear. So the newer the better

Should I wax the vehicle before?

No, please do not add any type of wax, sealants, ceramic or any other coating added to the original painted finish from factory.  These add ons to the paint can will make it more difficult to impossible for the adhesive to stick to the surface. Before any adhesive application we usually try to remove any of these protective products so we suggest you save your money.

Can I wax my car after applying clear bra ppf?

You can apply wax if you want to add UV protection on top of the clear bra.  Even though we usually recommend placing on the XPEL Fusion Ceramic Coating for your UV protection, which lasts for 4 years, instead of having to wax every few months, but waxes are fine to use.  Do not use any kind of petroleum-based products on the film. … No products that contain ABRASIVES, or DYES which will cause the film to become dull.

Do you guys do paint correction before applying the PPF?

This is an option that is available if your paint is so badly scratched that when place your finger nails on the scratches you can feel them.  When you apply the clear bra it will visually make those minor fine scratches disappear like magic. Check out this video so you can see for yourself.

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