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To many people, there’s no better color for a vehicle than black, evidenced by it being one of the top colors chosen for vehicles worldwide.

No matter if it’s jet black or a black metallic, keeping your paint protected and sleek is important to the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. As you are likely aware, a ceramic coating is a long term solution to this problem, but which one is best for black cars specifically? 


Although black vehicles are no different than vehicles with any other color of paint with regards to the likelihood of obtaining paint blemishes such as dings and scratches, black vehicles tend to show these imperfections more. If a vehicle is silver, it is less noticeable when steel, aluminum, plastic, or carbon fiber is showing through, whereas with black cars the contrast makes it stand out.

The abrasion itself is likely more noticeable even if it doesn’t wear down to your car’s body. XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating can effectively avoid this from happening. XPEL is a company that specializes in protecting your vehicle’s exterior and has shown impressive results with revolutionary products since it’s debut in 1997. XPEL’s Fusion Plus is one such product. As well as providing exceptional protection against potential imperfections of your paint, it does wonders to enhance the appearance of your black vehicle while also making it easier to keep sparkling clean.



Since one of the big problems with black vehicles is the noticeability of any blemishes in your paint, the main objective should be avoiding kicked up rocks and stray shopping carts from being able to penetrate to your vehicle’s paint. A good starting place is looking over the top five products to protect your paint.

Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating

Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating

This can help give you an idea of products that you can combine with XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating since XPEL made this product with paint protection films in mind (or PPF for short) such as XPEL’s Stealth paint protection film.  Although it can easily be placed directly on top of paint, it can also be coated on top of PPF as well as plastic and vinyl.  Despite the fact that XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicle from rock chips flying out from under vehicles ahead of you, it does not provide any additional impact resistance. To help protect your bumper from high curbs, a product like SLiPLO’s Universal Skid Plate, can be of assistance. This may also be a particularly attractive product for those who have unusually steep driveways since this could almost be a death sentence to your bumper’s paint job

It’s okay if you decide not to combine protection products to get the absolute optimal exterior protection because the outstanding abilities of XPEL’s Fusion Plus will make nearly every external area of your vehicle scratch resistant on its own. XPEL’s Fusion Plus has the highest rating for hardness, coming in at 9H; the hardest coating for vehicle paint protection. 



What good is having a gorgeous well maintained black paint job if it is always covered in tree pollen, dirty snow slush, and dust preventing it from looking as good as it really is?  After only a single application process, XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating will make your vehicle both hydrophobic and oleophobic; repelling both substances that are oil-based and water-based.

These substances will be deterred from the surface of your vehicle, bead up, and easily roll off with a little bit of water. Some of the substances that are repelled by XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating are in reality corrosive to your vehicle’s paint, making this deterring action even more valuable.

Not only does this mean that you can protect your paint more effectively, it means that washing your vehicle will become more efficient. Since contaminants that your black car runs into while on the road will have a difficult time adhering to the paint, these environmental annoyances will be easy to wash off. As you could guess, this greatly limits your car’s need for detailing for it to stay in top shape; especially with easy washing and paint corrections being absolutely out of the question. 



Your black paint will never have looked better than it will with XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating. This ceramic coating gives vehicle’s paint a highly glossy, professional “wet look”, wowing all who see it. Surface clarity will prove to be outstanding, and the shine seen from a great distance. This look is accomplished no matter the type of black paint your vehicle has, with it’s underlining properties being amplified. With black being one of the most popular vehicle colors on the planet, XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating will make your vehicle stand out in all of its glory. 


When shopping for the perfect product for your vehicle, be it a ceramic coating or window tinting, you want to ensure that other customers and partners are just as pleased as you hope to be once becoming a customer yourself. Customers rave about the quality and performance of XPEL’s Fusion Plus. Curt Wilson, Co-President of Tuner Theory, said in his review that “Fusion Plus repels water & dust like no other and makes upkeep incredibly easy”. He goes on to say that “my car is show ready even after driving in the worst weather condition in minutes” before thanking XPEL for this product. Another customer, Dev, can be quoted saying “I can’t believe how much more I enjoy this car with the Fusion coating. WOW!”. 


Getting your vehicle coated with XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is a pretty straight forward process. Before your car is coated, you will have to have any paint imperfections corrected since once your ceramic coating is on, it’s on for good. Next, you use XPEL’s “Find An Authorized XPEL Installer” website to locate where to get Fusion Plus installed. After removing any grime and dirt from your vehicle, drying it, then do one last round with a mixture of alcohol and water, XPEL’s Fusion Plus formula will be applied to your vehicle in 2’ x 2’ areas.

The XPEL Certified technician will gently use a specific foam applicator and microsuede cloth to get an even application. After the application is finished, the rest is just waiting for it to cure. Although it is possible to drive your vehicle after three or four hours, it can not get wet until six hours after application and the last thing you want is to be caught in the rain. Your vehicle’s ceramic coating will cure over a span of three days until it reaches a 9H hardness. 


You will no longer need any glazes or waxes; those products will be a thing of the past and one less expense. When properly cared for with yearly inspections, XPEL Fusion Plus can last the lifetime of your vehicle and comes with a 4-year guarantee. This is a one and done deal.

Your vehicle will not need to go through the car wash. Actually, the car wash can severely damage your ceramic coating, with only no-touch car washes being acceptable if the person insists on using one. A simple rinse and dry at home is adequate. If you want to add just that little extra, you can use XPEL’s Ceramic Boost Spray which is safe for paint, clear bras, and ceramic coatings alike. This product makes a microscopic thin layer of protection that keeps contaminants away. 


If you want to keep your black paint looking top-of-the-line without having to compromise when you take your vehicle out and where XPEL’s Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is the way to go. With it’s hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, glossy appearance, and exceptional hardness providing scratch protection, you can’t go wrong. 

For more info on how to get it installed in Los Angeles plus a full FAQ about ceramic coating, check out this page. Did you enjoy this article? Check out our blog. Have questions? Contact us.