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6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Los Angeles

Is your birthday coming up, but you are unsure of what you should do? Have you already spent birthdays and other holidays doing all of the typical activities and want to change it up? If so, you have come to the right place.

Los Angeles is a wonderful place, but with so many places taking up the spotlight, there are many other places just as deserving that very few people think of when they are looking for something to do. The following are 6 unique ways to celebrate your birthday in Los Angeles:

1)     Go to a Car Auction

If you are a car person, which you probably are if you are here on StickerCity’s blog, going to a car auction may be a perfect way to spend your birthday. Not only will you have something to do, but you may even be able to get yourself a birthday present!

There is an abundance of car auctions in Los Angeles that are open to the public. So many, in fact, that there is a good chance that there is one open on the exact day of your birthday. For example, the City of Long Beach Police Auto Auction is open only every other Tuesday, but Joe Bradley Auctioneers are open every Saturday, and Keystone Towing Auction is open every Thursday. If you consider that this is only three of many auto auctions in the area, it is very likely that you can go to one on or near your birthday without any troubles.

Before you go, make sure you check out their website to see what time the auction opens and if there are any entry fees or deposits. Either way, you could have some interesting finds at a fraction of the cost all while doing something different if you go to a car auction for your birthday.

2)     Watch a Show at the Laserium

The Laserium hosts live laser performances and concerts that utilizes both visual effects and laser lights to put on amazing displays. For music lovers out there, this can be a perfect chance to experience music in another way.

For example, Laserium’s Now & Then and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon shows feature Pink Floyd music, with the former meant to appeal to the younger generation displaying more than two decades of Pink Floyd’s music. You can also set up with them to have light shows to go along with music of your choosing.

With other shows including Laser Vision and MoonRock, which is the first show where they used 3D computer graphics to supplement the experience, this is one of the best places to go by car in Los Angeles at night and a great place to go for your birthday.

3)     Angeles National Forest

The Angeles National Forest is one of the places many people overlook. There are many activities that you can do at this national forest. You could go hiking, bicycling, fishing, horse riding, engage in water activities, and get into some winter sports. If you want to make it a weekend birthday, you could even go camping or stay in the cabins available.

If these types of activities are not your thing, you can always just soak up the view. There are wonderful waterfalls to enjoy. In fact, there are actually great swimming holes hidden all around this national park. Lastly, there are five different visitor centers with all different outdoor learning opportunities. There are many activities to do here that could make your birthday memorable!

4)     Car Shows

One of the 6 fun car related activities in Los Angeles includes car shows. If you are lucky enough to have a birthday around the time of one of the big cars shows such as the LA Auto Show, then it should not be hard to figure out something to do! Depending on the car show, there may be everything from amazing food stands to the most cutting-edge technology.

While there, you will have the opportunity to see the top Tesla customization trends in 2021, along with the best customization for many other makes and models of vehicles. If you have the chance, going to one of the big car shows for your birthday is a great idea.

5)     Explore the Huntington Gardens

Going to the Huntington Gardens for your birthday is one of the more relaxing, low key ideas that will give you an absolutely unique experience. First purchased in 1903 by Henry E. Huntington, this massive garden, harboring around 16,000 separate plant species, is a sight to behold.

Henry E. Huntington’s superintendent William Hertrich started developing the plant collections that the gardens are built on today. Right now, there are 130 acres open to the public, with the gardens being comprised of 207 acres. This is from the 600 acres that were originally purchased. In this massive area, there are 16 themed gardens. Some of these include an Australian garden, California garden, Camellia garden, children’s garden, Chinese garden, and a jungle garden.

There is more than enough to see while at the Huntington Gardens and spending the evening there could make for a great birthday. While exploring the grounds, or engaging in the research and learning opportunities, you can also get a bite to eat at the 1919 café located inside the Huntington.

6)     Stroll the Venice Canals

If you are looking for just something small to do on your birthday, or already have plans and only have a small slot to fill, taking a stroll at the Venice canals can be a perfect idea. Although this area is primarily residential, there are public sidewalks that go all along the canals and provide for a beautiful view.

Being a residential area, there will be far less activity, making for a relaxing, laid back walk. Taking about 45 minutes, you can get a taste of Venice Italy without having to leave your home area! Actually, if you want to make this a longer trip, you can always make a trip a few blocks away to Venice beach and enjoy the waves and all the beach has to offer for you. There are also a bunch of places to eat nearby to complete the evening. 

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