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8 reasons why your car needs paint protection.

Are you still debating whether to install paint protection still? Have you thought about how much more you will have to pay to repaint the vehicle if rock chips happen?

Here are 8 reasons why your car needs paint protection 

1.) Adds a layer of protection to your cars Finish.

2.) High quality film that is practically invisible.

3) Xpel has self healing properties with 10 year warranty.

4) You get to drive with a peace of mind.

5) Different packages to choose from to fit budget.

6) Keeps your vehicle looking new for years to come.

7) Blends into the finish.

8) Worth the investment to your favorite investment.

You can protect the entire car or choose from different packages we have to offer.  You are always welcome to visit our shop to check out the quality of work for yourself since installer is key.