Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Wrapping Your Smart Car in Los Angeles

Before making any big decision like getting your smart car wrapped, it’s best to do your due diligence and have a thorough understanding of what that entails. Smart cars are wonderful compact vehicles with great gas mileage, and the last thing you want is to do something that would damage it. Can Vinyl Wrap Cover Damage? Like all vehicles, your smart car’s clear coat and paint are vulnerable to sun damage. You can use a vinyl wrap to cover up faded paint so long as there aren’t large paint chips risking further damage when your wrap is removed. If your

6 Common Car Customization Myths People Still Believe

Whether you are an automobile aficionado or a simple car owner, you wouldn’t be able to deny the effect that customization can have on your vehicle. This is especially true for a city such as Los Angeles, where your car is your prime source of comfort and entertainment amid frustrating levels of traffic.   Think about it. What other auto modification can bring out your personal style via your car, make your vehicle stand out in the crowd, and even enhance its value in the process? With these aspects in mind, the benefits of car customization become clear as day. 

Top 10 Upcoming Car Wrapping Trends for 2021

When car wraps first hit the commercial market, they were mainly seen as having one use alone: to advertise brands and businesses. But as this automobile technology advanced further, these car wraps started to appeal to individual car owners with their aesthetic, protection, and unique abilities.    Today, car wraps stand as one of the most popular vehicle customization tools in the U.S. But similar to any other automobile styling methods, car wraps trends also come and go every few months. This is especially true for a city such as Los Angeles, where automobile enthusiasts take pride in their wheels

How to Wrap Your Vehicle Like a Celebrity’s Car?

From famous musicians to popular movie stars, it’s now usual for your favorite Los Angeles celebs to turn towards car wraps to flaunt their style. Whether they are going after a classy gloss sheen or a flamboyant chrome aesthetic, a vinyl wrap flawlessly pulls off the look they want.    Needless to say, this is more than enough inspiration for you to redo the appearance of your own car. After all, who doesn’t want their precious wheels to look their best at all times, especially when that feat is so easy to achieve?    That’s correct. While getting your car

Can Car Wraps Be Waxed? How to Do It and Things to Consider

Whether you want your car to make a lasting impression or simply need it to stand out in long lines of Los Angeles traffic, getting it a showroom shine is the easiest way to boost its aesthetic value.    But given that you can’t get a new paint job every week, this dream of a striking shine often feels far from reality. That’s where car waxing comes as a viable solution. When coupled with polishing, it allows your car to get the glossy look you need while also giving it a protective coating.   However, the process doesn’t seem so

Roof Wrap vs. Paint – How to Choose

Are you are trying to decide if you should wrap your vehicle’s roof, or just simply paint it? Maybe your roof has sun damage, or maybe you just want to change up your vehicle’s appearance without going overboard and changing the entire body. Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages for both vinyl wrapping and painting your vehicle’s roof. Here are some things you should contemplate when choosing. What Look Are You Going For? One of the first things you should think about when trying to decide if you want your roof wrapped or painted is what you want it

Can You Vinyl Wrap Over Faded Paint?

There are a lot of instances where you should not try vinyl wrap including wrapping ABS plastics used in some bo dy kits, wrapping rubberized areas, or wrapping solar panels, but what about faded paint? We all know that you can change the color of your vehicle with a vinyl wrap, but could you cover up bad paint with it? Well, it depends on several factors.   What Caused Your Paint to Fade? When your vehicle was originally painted, it was first primed, then painted, and then a clear coat was placed on top. This clear coat protects your vehicle from

Gloss Black Wrap vs Paint – Pros and Cons

While looking for car customization options in Los Angeles, car wraps stand out as one of the most popular ways to give a vehicle a whole new look.    It is for good reasons too. Car wraps not only provide a car with a virtually new exterior, but also transform its aesthetic. When done right, a graphic-heavy car wrap makes the car almost indistinguishable from its factory body.    But not all car wraps have to look like the work of a graffiti artist. In fact, most of the modern car wraps come with the promise of a toned down

Car Wrap FAQs

With an immense focus on individuality, Los Angeles helps people in being their authentic selves. This acceptance of different human perspectives is one of the many reasons why the City of Stars is known for completely unique entertainment offerings, culinary delights, and artful expressions.   Whether or not you identify as one of the many creatives who call LA home, feeling comfortable in your skin can work wonders for your personal well being.    Since car wraps can customize your vehicle any way you want, they are a simple yet effective way to flaunt your personality to the world. Whether

Top 10 Vehicle Customization Trends Right Now in Los Angeles

Whether you like working on cars or enjoy modifying your vehicle with the help of professionals, staying on top of customization trends is a surefire way to establish your status as a self-proclaimed car enthusiast.    With 2020 almost halfway through, it is high time for us to explore what we can do in terms of adopting the year’s biggest auto trends.    This thought perhaps resonates the most with people in Los Angeles, which is going under extensive physical distancing measures in the face of coronavirus (COVID-19). With social distancing requirements bringing plenty of free time to our lives,

Paint protection film vs wrap – How to choose?

Both vinyl wrap and paint protection film, are thin layers applied to your vehicle’s paint, but there is a lot that separates the two. Although the cost of both is certainly worth it, you want to be sure you’re choosing the right one before forking up the money. You must consider if your goals are more protection oriented or cosmetic orientated, what durability you expect, and what your out of pocket expectations are before deciding which is the best option for you and your vehicle. Are Your Goals Cosmetic? Vinyl wraps are primarily for cosmetic purposes. With many different series

Where to Find the Best Car Customization in Los Angeles

Finding the most excellent retailers, installers, and establishments in any field can be a time-consuming task. We all want our vehicles to be in the best hands possible but we may not all have the resources to make sure our judgment is correct. Through the power of word-of-mouth along with years of experience in the area, we have compiled a series of car customization establishments for whatever your customization needs may be; from custom paint jobs, to custom stereo systems.  Custom Paint If you are looking to have a custom paint job, World Auto Body and Paint is the place