Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Model 3 Chrome Deletes in Los Angeles

Did you see a Tesla Model X with all chrome pieces blacked out and wondered what would it take to get chrome deletes on your Model 3? There are many things you should know when looking into getting chrome deletes, and this page has it all. From average costs to types of chrome deletes to choosing the right installer, we are here to help you. If the chrome trim that many vehicle manufacturers insist on just aren’t your thing, you can achieve a slick, blacked out stealth look with chrome deletes. This is a particularly attractive option for Tesla Model

How Do You Prepare a Brake Caliper for Painting

If you want to stand out from the crowd subtly without going overboard, and getting your vehicle’s roof painted or wrapped is too much for your tastes, having your brake calipers painted or powder-coated may be a great option for you. Brake caliper painting and powder-coating are one of the top upcoming car trends for 2021. With today’s automotive technology and customization ability, you can have your vehicle’s brake calipers painted to any color you can imagine and with an experienced technician, they will last the test of time. Having your brake calipers painted or powder coating does not only

How to Pass the Emissions Test with a Modified Car in California?

As you probably already know, California has some of the strictest emissions regulations in the country. It can be difficult for an ordinary vehicle to pass emissions or smog tests in California, let alone a vehicle that has been either modified or customized. The following are tips to help you pass your emissions test with a modified vehicle without any problems: Don’t Forget About Standard Emissions Test Preparations No matter who you are or what kind of vehicle you have, there are some things you should do to prepare for your emissions test. Any problems you are aware of should

Can You Wax XPEL Paint Protection Film?

Waxing your vehicle can be very beneficial for a vehicle with unprotected paint but does not do much if you have a vehicle with XPEL’s Paint Protection Film installed. If waxing your vehicle is something you just enjoy and want to continue doing regardless of if it is needed, you can as long as you take some special precautions. This article outlines if wax is recommended on a vehicle with XPEL installed, what waxes can be used, and what other measures can be taken to prolong the longevity of your paint protection film. Do You Need to Wax Your Vehicle

6 Fun Car-Related Activities in Los Angeles

Do you have too much time on your hands? Are you bored and looking for something to do? Maybe you just need a break from the everyday routine. In Los Angeles there is a never-ending list of activities you can engage in to cure your boredom at any given time, regardless of how long you have lived in the area. No matter if you are a car enthusiast or are someone just looking for something to do to break up the monotony of everyday life, these six fun car related activities can brighten up your day! Go on a Road

5 Disadvantages of Paint Protection Film

It’s true that having a quality paint protection film installed on your vehicle is one of the best things you can do for your paint. Providing protection from contaminants, sun damage, and road debris, paint protection film, also known as PPF, can make a huge difference in the longevity of your vehicle’s paint. When making any decision, it is best to know both the pros and cons. Disadvantages are just as important as advantages regarding what you should know about paint protection film. The following are five disadvantages of paint protection film: Cost Paint protection film is not a cheap

4 Safe Places to Test Drive Your New Car in Los Angeles

One of the smartest things you can do before purchasing a new car is to test drive it. Not only will this prevent you from getting a defective vehicle, but it will also help you determine if you and the vehicle are a perfect match. There are subtle things, like how comfortable the seats are, or how the car “feels” while driving that you cannot really tell without a test drive. Of course, the seller is going to tell you what you want to hear. A test drive will tell you what you need to know. When you take your

Does Paint Protection Film Protect Against Door Dings?

Dings and scratches to your car or truck’s door can easily cost hundreds of dollars. With all the hazards out there, like people swinging their door into yours or a shopping cart rolling down a parking lot into your vehicle, there is a non negligible chance that your door will get dinged at some point. Instead of having to get your paint repaired every time, you can prevent your door from getting dinged in the first place. One of the ways you can accomplish this is through paint protection film. Paint protection film acts as an invisible suit of armor,

Is Tuning Illegal in California?

Here at StickerCity, not only do we get typical questions like “how should I maintain my paint protection film?”  since we specialize in paint protection, but we also get questions regarding all types of car customizations. Car customization can be a bit more difficult here in California since we have particularly strict regulations, and tuning might be one of the most difficult areas to navigate legally. Car tuning includes a series of modifications to meet performance requirements beyond those that the original manufacturer intended to meet. These enhancements achieved through car tuning may include those related to engine performance, handling

How Much Does It Cost to Vinyl Wrap a Car’s Roof in Los Angeles?

With all the fantastic advances made in the vehicle vinyl wrapping industry, including vastly advancing its variety, it is starting to look like a better and better option for many people. One peek at the Top 10 Upcoming Car Wrapping Trends for 2021 can have anyone looking into vinyl wrapping for their car. If you want to go for a more subtle appearance for your vehicle than some of the extreme wraps out there, getting your roof vinyl wrapped may be the perfect compromise for you. If you are thinking about this new look for your vehicle, one of the

Are Turbos Legal in California?

Customizing vehicles all day long at StickerCity we often get questions about what customizations are and are not legal in California.  Maybe you are not interested in cosmetics and things like how to wrap your vehicle like a celebrity’s car. Maybe instead want to get a faster, and more powerful, vehicle through customizations. If you are someone who is more concerned with your vehicle’s performance than appearance, you may have thought about turbochargers. After you have decided if a turbo is right for you and your vehicle, you will have to determine if they are legal in your area. In

How to Maintain Paint Protection Film – 6 Quick Tips

If you are looking for a way to keep your paint safe from road hazards while also keeping its factory appearance, having paint protection film installed may be the thing for you. Maybe you have been wondering how to take care of a 3M Clear Bra, or possibly you’re curious about what is the best method to maintain your new Stealth Paint Protection Film. Regardless of the specific paint protection film, your vehicle is donning, it’s imperative to take proper care of this great investment!   1)     Washing Your Vehicle There are many things you should know about