What Are Some Alternatives to Muffler Deletes in California?

With all of the strict vehicle and environmental laws in California, it can be very difficult to modify your car to your liking. Muffler deletes are nothing like chrome deletes where the customization is purely cosmetic. Instead, muffler deletes involves completely removing your muffler from the exhaust system, leading to improved exhaust flow, and reduced weight, as well as creates a powerful, roaring exhaust sound. Being one of the Tesla customization trends of 2021, many Californians are looking into alternatives to muffler deletes. Muffler deletes are becoming increasingly popular with many other makes and models as well, making it an

5 Tips to Find the Best Aftermarket Auto Body Parts – Los Angeles

We all want the best for our vehicles and that means we also want the best aftermarket auto body parts. Unfortunately, there can be many bumps along that road if you do not know how to go about looking for aftermarket parts. Everything from ending up with a part that is illegal in California, to getting a low-quality part that is non-functionable can happen if you do not find the right place to go to. Like with anything else, knowledge is power, and you can avoid most hiccups along your journey to finding aftermarket auto parts. The following are 5

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Petersen Automotive Museum

Going to the Peterson Automotive Museum is one of the fun car related activities you can do in Los Angeles . This fantastic museum has a lot to offer, housing one of the largest automotive collections on the globe. Located along Museum Row in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles, this nonprofit organization focusing on automotive history and education has something to offer for everyone of all ages! The following are 5 interesting things you did not know about the Petersen Automotive Museum: 1)     Teaching the Youth Petersen Automotive Museum goes above and beyond to assist in

6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday in Los Angeles

Is your birthday coming up, but you are unsure of what you should do? Have you already spent birthdays and other holidays doing all of the typical activities and want to change it up? If so, you have come to the right place. Los Angeles is a wonderful place, but with so many places taking up the spotlight, there are many other places just as deserving that very few people think of when they are looking for something to do. The following are 6 unique ways to celebrate your birthday in Los Angeles: 1)     Go to a Car

Are Any Cold Air Intakes Legal in California?

Cold air intakes can enhance the performance of a vehicle by a significant amount. Instead of drawing air from the hot engine bay like typically seen, a cold air intake pulls air from outside the engine bay where the air is cooler. Cold air is more dense than hot air, and because of this increased density, it carries more oxygen to later be combusted. Figuring out if any cold air intakes are legal in California is similar to figuring out if turbos are legal in California. Before getting a cold air intake for your vehicle you will need to understand

Twin Turbo VS Biturbo – The Ultimate Guide

When in the pursuit of a more potent and efficient engine, turbochargers are one of the first directions many people look. Through the use of forced induction, turbochargers increase the amount of air that is sucked into the engine to be compressed and ignited in the cylinders, leading to a more powerful engine. For vehicles with 4-cylinder engines, single turbochargers are sufficient but when you get into V6, V8, and V12 vehicles, dual turbochargers are preferred. When talking about dual turbochargers you may hear the words “twin turbo” and “biturbo” thrown around. The following goes over what these words mean

Liquid Wrap Vs. Vinyl Wrap – Things to Consider Before Choosing

Both liquid car wraps and vinyl car wraps can be great investments if you want to temporarily change the appearance of your vehicle while providing some protection without affecting your vehicle’s resale value. Liquid wraps can utilize anything from Plasti-Dip that you can purchase at your local auto parts or home improvement store, to Halo EFX and AutoFlex Coatings and other high quality polymer coatings. This type of wrap acts like a sort of removable paint. Vehicle vinyl wrap, on the other hand, uses PVC vinyl to change up the look of your vehicle. Because of the difference in material

Car Auctions in Los Angeles Open to the Public – Everything You Need to Know

  Car auctions are a looked over means of acquiring vehicles. Costing a fraction of the price you are likely to find at a used car dealership or with a private seller, it is one of the best places to go for affordability. Since they are typically acquired through impounds where vehicles have been abandoned, there is a wide range of vehicles available with something to suit everyone’s needs. If you are trying to experience a car auction, you will have to find one that is open to the public. The following is an overview of 6 car auctions in

4 Ways to Design Your Own Wrap for Your Car

If you have been wondering “can you vinyl wrap over faded paint?” because the sun’s UV rays have done a number on your vehicle, the answer is yes! Besides covering up surface imperfections and providing some protection to your paint, vinyl wraps can have amazing designs that are not possible with traditional paint jobs.   Vinyl wraps can be designed to be anything from matte black to zebra stripes to business logos with high resolution images. You do not have to solely rely on the experts when designing your vehicle’s vinyl wraps. Instead, you can have a very large say in

5 Best Car Detailing in Los Angeles

Having your vehicle detailed is one of the 5 ways to make your car exterior look new and is well worth the cost. No matter if you are looking to get the most money for a vehicle you are trying to sell, or if you just do not want to be bothered with the labor required to thoroughly detail your own vehicle, going to a professional is the way to go. The following are 5 of the best vehicle detailing shops in Los Angeles: 1)     Eco Mobile Detailing With two locations, one in Hollywood and one in West

Rustoleum Undercoating VS Plasti Dip – The Ultimate Guide

For many people, us included, our vehicles are one of our prized possessions. Because of this, vehicle protection products such as ceramic coating and paint protection films are a top priority for many. One of the disadvantages of products like paint protection film is that they are not really suitable for protecting your vehicle’s undercarriage leading to vehicle owners looking at other options. Rust-oleum and Plasti Dip are two products that are meant to protect surfaces from things like moisture, acids, abrasions, and rust. Of course, no two products are created equal. Here we will go over both products and

5 Best Places to Go by Car in Los Angeles at Night

  Regardless of if you are a local who is bored on a Tuesday or if you are just visiting Los Angeles and have a free evening, there is something for you to do! Unlike many towns around the United States, Los Angeles does not go to sleep when the sun goes down. There may be few car related activities in Los Angeles at nighttime, but there are more than enough to keep you entertained, from viewing the cosmos to listening to an up and coming rock band. Below you can find 5 of the best places to travel to