Sticker City has a ceramic pro team with the steadiest hands in the business, ready to wrap your vehicle in this durable, intuitive, self-healing “armor”. The coating is not only compatible with Paint Protection Film (PPF) but actually augments its look and functionality via UV protection. This keeps your paintwork intact and in pristine condition for longer. It’s worth noting that PPF alone does not have UV protection properties.

XPEL works over vinyl wraps too, and you can drive your vehicle again just four hours after application. Over time, you’ll notice your car is easier to maintain; the ceramic coating repels everything from dust and dirt to oil and bird droppings. XPEL Fusion Plus is the hassle-free way to preserve your vehicle’s look and components.

XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating

It’s like Premium Armor for Your Paintwork! XPEL is known for its innovation and product quality, and this ceramic coating is no exception. Hard-wearing with multiple beneficial features, it’s designed to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from scuffs, scratches, and naturally corrosive substances. Additionally, it enhances the look of your car, giving it a high-shine finish that turns heads on the road. Your vehicle will remain sleek, pristine, and looking box-fresh, long after you sealed the deal on its purchase and drove out of the car lot.

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With Maintenance Made Easy and Unbeatable Protection, XPEL Fusion Plus is the Ceramic Coating both You and Your Car Deserve.

Why is XPEL Considered the Ultimate Ceramic Vehicle Coating?

XPEL guards against the wear and tear of your car’s original paintwork while enhancing its beauty and durability. Check out some of the benefits of this incredible thermo chemically prepared coating then book an appointment today and let us bring your car’s look back to life.

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Surface: beads and repels water and oil along with many other corrosive/damaging substances

Dust and Contaminant Protection: dirt, road grime, bird droppings, and tree sap can’t easily stick to your car’s surface and spoil its look

UV Protection: for greater paint longevity and a superior glossy, wet-look finish that looks luxurious. No need for messy, unsightly paint correction jobs!

Boosts Surface Clarity and Shine: restores your vehicle’s brilliance and adds an astonishing depth of color with a show-stopping sleek finish

Resists Wear, Scratches, and Shock: increases the lifespan of your car’s components. Resistant to light scratches and dents

Makes Cleaning and Maintenance Easier: thanks to the non-stick surface, you’ll spend less time scrubbing and less money at the car wash

4-Year Warranty: your XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating is guaranteed for 4 years from its initial application. If your vehicle is already coated, contact XPEL about registering your warranty

Frequently Asked about Ceramic Coating

What are the BENEFITS of ceramic coating?

UV Protection (GREATER PAINT LONGEVITY), Improved Depth of Color Brilliance, Increased Gloss Finish, Improved Satin Resist Hydrophobic Coat helps repeal i.e Water, Dirt, Droppings*, and Road Grime. Scratch Resistant* (w/ LIGHT Scratches). Makes routine cleaning the vehicle a much Easier. (Use proper washing techniques).

How long will my coating last?

Fusion is warrantied for 4 years*, the product should last for the warranty duration w/ proper care and maintenance and once a year inspection.  All painted portions carry a 4 year warranty with wheels, windows and chrome parts have a 1 year warranty

How often should I wash my car?

1-2 times per month depending on conditions of the vehicle exterior. To maintain vehicle corrosive items should be washed off immediately i.e Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, Hard Water, and general grim/dirt build up.

Why would/Should I put this over PPF?

Please revert back to “BENEFITS”, PPF does NOT have UV Properties, also the Coating could help seal the edges of the PPF to reduce dirt/debris build up.

How long does the Process take?

Application Takes 1 Day, however the vehicle would need to stay with us for 2-3 days to insure proper application and curing process.

How should I wash my car? What soap to use?

If unfamiliar with proper washing techniques: talk to a professional hand wash service, they are all over the city and range from $15-25, Make sure to Do Your Do Diligence to Vet Out Car Wash Services. For BOTH self wash or professional wash used fresh microfiber wash & drying tools/towels. Do NOT use Automatic Car Wash services or brushes (Could cause scratches & Swirls by potential debris build up in wash tools.) Use Non-abrasive soaps/cleaners, proper use of pressure wash is permitted. Wash cont…

  • If the operator has deemed to have been negligent or failed to maintain the painted surface in the correct manner
  • Damage to the coated surface due to improper wash techniques, automatic car washes or incorrect wash tools that may cause abrasion or damaged by third parties not authorized by XPEL
When would I be able to wash the car after Ceramic Application?

Must Wait at least 48 Hours before 1st Wash.

How long do I have to wait before I can drive the car?

It is required to wait a minimum of four hours after application before driving the vehicle.

Will it work when applied to vinyl wrap and paint protection film?

Yes, Xpel Fusion is designed to bond to vinyl wrap and paint protection film just as well at it does to paint.

Will my car be easier to take care of?

Yes, do to the lack of dirt and debris sticking to the vehicle you will need to wash it less times without any type of waxing.

Is the Annual Inspection required?

Yes; annual inspection is required by a Certified Xpel Fusion installer to keep active warranty status.

Does the Annual Inspection cost me anything?

It is an “INSPECTION” NOT maintenance; the required* Annual Inspection is at no cost. The only associated costs would be if the clients would like a detail, claying, or if they wanted more coating added, BUT NOT REQUIRED to maintain warranty.

What does the Warranty Cover?

Paint Finish: oxidation, loss of gloss, UV damage, Bug impacts, color fading, acid rain and paint chalking. REQUIRES ANNUAL INSPECTIONS*

Does Ceramic Coating prevent scratches or rock chips?

The Ceramic Coating doesn’t prevent rock chips and medium scratches.  The ceramic coating is a nice add on product to the film for easy cleaning and UV ray protection). It Does not replace paint protection film. We Highly Recommend for  ultimate protection the Xpel Ultimate Plus or Stealth. See Fusion “BENEFITS” question.

Does XPEL FUSION prevent Hard Water Spots?

NO; wash IMMEDIATELY*, Hard Water Spots are damaging to Paint, PPF, Ceramic Coating and many other surfaces do to High Calcium & Magnesium (Not go all around). 99% of Ceramic/PPF products in the market do NOT warranty for Hard Water Spots.

Does Xpel Fusion affect the Self Healing Properties of the PPF?

In Short NO, the Fusion Plus Coating was designed with Xpel PPF in mind, “Some things just work better together.” XPEL PPF & FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating can be combined to maximize protection for long term car care. Ease of Warranty as well for both products.

What are the hydrophobic properties?

One of the great properties of a ceramic coating is the how water beads and flows quickly from the surface of your vehicle. This property allows you to gauge whether the vehicle is dirty, contaminated, or there is an issue with your coating.

Hydrophobic properties in ceramic coatings can be impeded by dirt, contaminants, and can even deteriorate over time, even though the coating is still protecting the surface.

Will it improve the shine and surface clarity?

Yes it gives your vehicle’s paint the “wet look” with more of a shine

What elements does it protect from?

Dust and surface contaminants like tree sap & grime have a harder time bonding to the coated surface .



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