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Everything You Need to Know About the LA Auto Show 2021

Although there are fun things to do in LA during COVID, it is exciting to know that the LA Auto Show is on for 2021 after being rescheduled last year. This year’s LA Auto Show is expected to be fantastic (as if it is not always amazing) since we had to put off last year’s due to the worldwide pandemic. If you are an auto fan that attends the LA Auto Show annually, or are new and looking for more information, this is the place to start!


The LA Auto Show is a huge automotive show located in the car capital of the world, Los Angeles. Here, the largest, top automotive production figures in the auto industry gather to see the best and newest automotive innovations. Over 26,700 influencers and auto decision makers gather at the show, along with 4,400 media outlets from 58 countries. After they have gotten their chance to get their fill, the LA Auto Show opens its doors to the public, drawing in hundreds of thousands of automotive fans and prospective buyers from around the world.


LA Auto Show 2021 has been rescheduled due to COVID 19 to November 19th to November 28th, 2021. If you would like more information regarding times and dates, as well as news about debuts, and exclusive ticket offers, you can sign up for text alerts here.  You can start getting shuttled from the parking areas to the LA Auto Show starting at 7 a.m. when it opens.

If you are looking to take advantage of the free test drives at the LA Auto Show, it is advisable to try to get in on the weekdays since both Saturday and Sunday are usually very busy and you may not get to test drive all of the vehicles you want to. Similarly, you should sign up to test drive vehicles as soon as you arrive instead of waiting until later in the day for the same reason.


The LA Auto Show is located at the Los Angeles Convention center which is next to the Staples at 1202 S. Figueroa St. Because of the mass amounts of people that are expected to attend the LA Auto Show, it may be a better idea to take public transportation or utilize a ride share service such as Uber or Lyft to avoid the nightmare of parking.

If you are dead set on driving and parking there, the cheapest place to park will likely be at Joe’s Auto Parks located at 240 Venice Blvd, costing only $12. From there, shuttles will bring you the rest of the way to the convention center free of cost. Alternatively, there is parking at the South Hall entrance and the West Hall entrance of the convention center, though limited. The South Hall parking can be found off of Venice Blvd. and the West Hall parking can be found off of LA Live Way. Both of the parking areas at the convention center itself runs between $20 and $30.

What Does it Have to Offer?

The LA Auto Show really is one of the top 6 fun car related activities in Los Angeles. Showcasing a THOUSAND vehicles including trucks, cars, SUVs, electric vehicles, exotic vehicles, and more. It is a great place to comparison shop for vehicles, without any pressure to buy something right then and there.

At the latest LA Auto Show in 2019, 72 vehicles made their debuts, and it is expected that the LA Auto Show 2021 will not be any different, if not having even more debuts. Auto Makers on display include GMC, Audi, Acura, Buick, Ford, Lexus, Honda, Land Rover, SRT, Volkswagen, Telsa, among many, many more.

Just looking at vehicles on display is not the only thing to do at the LA Auto Show. There are also opportunities to test drive vehicles you see on display, explore new technology, and experience virtual reality, and video game demos all through out the show. There are even celebrity appearances and pet adoptions!

What is Galpin’s Hall of Customs?

Galpin’s Hall of Customs allows you to get to see the outstanding specialty customizations of Galpin Auto Sports up close and personal. Galpin Auto Sports is the customization division of Galpin Dealerships and the customizations they undertake span all different makes and models.

Examples of customizations from the last LA Auto Show included a custom Jaguar’s F-Type, a custom Mustang Rocket, the Moonliner which originally had an aircraft engine, and the 2020 Lotus Evora GT James Bond. As the name suggests, this custom vehicle is based on James Bond’s vehicle in the movie “For Your Eyes Only”.

What is The Garage?

The Garage at the LA Auto Show is an area that showcases aftermarket services and parts. Here you can see everything from renowned tuners to custom exotic vehicles. Iconic automotive brands customized and featured at The Garage includes Porsches, Rolls Royce, Ferraris, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis.

Not only can see other’s vehicles that have been customized, but you can also get ideas for your own vehicle, such as chrome deletes on the one end of the temporary paint customization business, to full vehicle vinyl wraps on the other. There are also aftermarket products that may be exhibited, such as XPEL’s paint protection film.

This film is self-healing and protects your vehicle’s paint from scratches, abrasions, and light dings. If a branch scrapes your paint protection film while traversing a small alley way, all you would have to do is park it in the sun where the film will mold back into perfect condition. Another top of the line aftermarket protection product includes XPEL’s Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic coating does incredibly hard, acting as a shield for your vehicle’s paint. Not only does it keep your paint in pristine condition, but it also makes cleaning easier because it repels both water and oil, which is a component of much of the materials that get on your vehicle’s paint. At the LA Auto Car show, products like this will be displayed and things like the water and oil beading up and rolling away are often shown. 

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