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Satin Battleship Grey on Jaguar F Type.

Do you love your car but tired of seeing the same old paint job any other car has?  Switch it up ! Like this Satin Battleship Grey on  Jaguar F Type.

With so many cars on the road, wouldn’t it be nice to see your car stand out from the rest? … We think so too!

Here at StickerCity, we make it easy for you to completely transform the color of your vehicle without having to repaint and lose value. All you have to do is visit our shop, choose a color, set up and appointment and once your appointment day comes, we take care of the rest ! Easy right?

With so many colors to choose from, we are sure  we have the right color to match your personality.  Here is an example of a Jaguar F Type that went from black to Satin Battleship Grey in one week.  He wanted something settled but still appealing and he absolutely loved it !


What color will you choose !?