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Top 10 Upcoming Car Wrapping Trends for 2021

When car wraps first hit the commercial market, they were mainly seen as having one use alone: to advertise brands and businesses. But as this automobile technology advanced further, these car wraps started to appeal to individual car owners with their aesthetic, protection, and unique abilities. 


Today, car wraps stand as one of the most popular vehicle customization tools in the U.S. But similar to any other automobile styling methods, car wraps trends also come and go every few months. This is especially true for a city such as Los Angeles, where automobile enthusiasts take pride in their wheels and do everything they can to make them stand out. 


If you want your own sweet ride to follow the hottest styles through every season, these upcoming car wrap trends for 2021 are exactly what you need.


1. Got Metal?


Tesla Model X wrapped Matte Charcoal Metallic (2)

Tesla Model X wrapped Matte Charcoal Metallic

In 2021, one of the most sought after car wraps is going to be the metallic finish. Whether you want your car to sport that burnish metal look with a rose gold finish or need it to channel its inner Silver Surfer, this trend is set to turn heads on the streets for all the right reasons. 


While a metallic car wrap is comparatively more expensive than other car wraps, the options and the aesthetic that it delivers are often well worth the price for automobile aficionados. If you are one to enjoy bolder statements, then this trend is going to be right fit for you in the new year.


2. Go Matte or Go Home


KPMF Matte Black Lamborghini Huracan

KPMF Matte Black Lamborghini Huracan

Another trend that is projected to hit big in 2021 is the matte car wrap finish. With shades of pastels, grays, and black, this car wrap is already gaining popularity among the hip and trendy. But it is expected to get even cooler especially in the summer heat of LA.


While this car wrap works best with lighter colors and smaller cars, it can also bring out the beauty of bolder shades and larger models. Overall, it holds a universal appeal for those who enjoy standing out by using understated aesthetics. 


3. Find a Perfect Balance in Satin


While metallic or matte vehicle wraps give you extreme ends of sheen (or no sheen for that matter), the ones in satin turn the whole concept on its head. By using a level of gloss and shine that’s a mix between both of these popular car wraps, a satin finish can deliver a dual-shade look that’s uncommon for a good reason.


Staying true to their name, satin car wraps offer a lower level of reflection while still maintaining a distinct air of metallic finish to them. This allows your car to shine under daylight and street lamps alike. Mostly popular in bolder shades, these car wraps are projected to be a big thing in 2021.


4. Jewel Tones Are the Way to Go


36 Best TeckWrap High premium vinyl Car Wrap images | Car wrap ...Speaking of bolder shades, another car wrap trend that’s going to be big in 2021 Los Angeles is that of jewel tones. From ruby to sapphire, and from emerald to amethyst, these colors are going to stand out in car wrap choices. 


It’s because jewel tones can work equally well with a variety of car wrap finishes. Whether you are going matte with a deep red or taking the satin route with a dark blue, these colors are going to help you stand out on any road. If you go with a chrome or metallic finish instead, then these shades could provide a whole new look to your car.


5. Ever Heard of Pearl?


High Quality Pearl Metallic Sakura Pink Vinyl Wrap Film Car Wrap ...While you can sing praises about jewel tones and the many types of reflective car wraps that are a perfect match for them, you also need to be aware about pearl car wraps. As an underrated finish that carries a pearl-like reflection and sheen, this type of car wrap gives your car an under-the-sea aesthetic that’s hard to find. 


Mostly paired with white or beige for obvious reasons, pearl car wraps also go amazingly well with various shades of gray. Due to these reasons, they are estimated to become a highly sought after car wrap trend in 2021. 


6. Who Said a Black Tie Event Was Exclusive to People?


Xpel Stealth on Tesla Model 3

Xpel Stealth plus chrome delete on black Tesla Model 3

Ever since vehicle wraps were introduced for retail or individual use, black car wraps have become an evergreen shade for car owners across the U.S. This also holds true for LA, where you can find various gloss, satin, and matte black car wraps on the streets. 


To no one’s surprise, 2021 is going to follow the same pattern. Since black car wraps can go with practically any size of car, they are set to remain a popular choice among car owners of all types. If you like to keep things classic yet trendy, this particular development might be perfect for you.


7. Get a Chrome Update


Tesla Model X in Black Chrome

This Tesla Model X drove all the way from Arizona for this chrome wrap

Apart from using metallic finish on colors that are exclusive to metals or alloys, you can also use it to bring a chrome look to solid shades. This includes but is not limited to pastels, jewel tones, and basic shades. 


The reflective properties of the metallic finish give even the most simple shades a whole new aesthetic, and let your car leave an impression on anyone who sees it. Due to this versatility, this particular type of car wrap is going to be a popular application in 2021. 


8. Bold Patterns Are the Way to Go


vinyl-wrapThe presence of solid colors and different types of sheen may have obscured car wraps’ ability to print various types of graphics. But it has not erased it completely. For instance, you can see several cars with bold patterns roaming around Los Angeles day and night. 


While this is a niche trend, it is still one of the most popular applications for car wraps. It is going to retain this reputation in 2021, where it’s set to be a sought after vehicle wrap type. It is especially going to hit big among those who want to stand out in every way possible.


9. Bronze It Up


As a car wrap shade that’s often overlooked and ignored in favor of bolder or lighter colors, bronze deserves all the love that is passed its way. With 3M’s showcase of the shade in applications such as Volcanic Flare, the color is bound to make its presence known among automobile aficionados. 


While the shade and its related offerings in satin, chrome, and gloss wraps have been in place for a while, the interest around it has recently gained a lot of momentum. This indicates that those looking for a unique car wrap vinyl application will turn to bronze up their cars in 2021. 


10. Layers, Layers, and More Layers


Best Quality 3 Layers Chrome Holographic Vinyl Car Wrap Rainbow ...Even as car vinyl wraps use different reflections and finishes, most of them are one dimensional and use a single material over the complete car. In 2021, this might change with car owners looking for different shades and colors along the various accents of their car. 


In practical usage, this means that a car boasting of a chrome wrap might just use a matte color over its bumper, while a vehicle with a matte wrap might play it up with chrome side skirts. Since the application options are virtually unlimited, it will provide car owners with plenty of variety.


With a plethora of options to choose from, you can use these car wrap trends to give your vehicle a whole new look in 2021. The best part? You can achieve this feat without breaking the bank. All you need to do is to contact an auto body expert who is experienced in their craft and focused on understanding your needs. 

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