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VHT vs. Duplicolor – What is the Best Brake Caliper Paint?

So, after considering between caliper paint vs. powder coating vs. covers, you decide that you want to paint your calipers. The next step is figuring out which paint is best for your vehicle’s calipers. If you have narrowed it down to VHT Caliper Paint and Dupli-Color Caliper Paint, you have come to the right place and we can help you decide! Below we will go over everything from color availability to durability for both products.


These two products are both great options, and this may be because they are both Sherwin Williams brands. In fact, Dupli-Color is a Sherwin Williams brand, and VHT Paint is just a division of Dupli-Color. The reputation of the brand matters, and not only are VHT paint and Dupli-Color seen favorably by those in the industry, but there is not a much more reputable paint brand than Sherwin Williams.

Available Colors

Both Dupli-Color and VHT Paint have a good selection of color options, though some you can only find in one brand or the other. VHT Paint comes in clear gloss, black gloss, black satin, cast aluminum, gold, bright yellow, orange, blue, and red. Dupli-Color also has black gloss, black satin, red, yellow, and blue, and as well as silver.


With this in mind, if you are dead set on having orange calipers because it would look best with the existing aesthetic of your vehicle, you will have to go with VHT Paint. Alternatively, if you want something metallic, you may want to test both Dupli-Color’s silver and VHT Paint’s cast aluminum on a couple pieces of scrap before you choose.

Dry Time

Both products will not have your vehicle out of commission for a long amount of time, drying fairly quickly. Dupli-Color caliper paint takes about 30 minutes to dry to the touch, and 1 hour to dry enough to handle. To be as safe as possible, you can let them sit overnight to make sure they are completely dry.

On the other hand, if you have your calipers painted with VHT Paint you have two options. You can either bake the calipers at 200 degrees Fahrenheit after painting them, then reassemble the components after they have cooled, or you can wait two hours before driving and let the action of driving cure the paint through braking.


If you are wondering if there are any differences with how you prepare a brake caliper for painting when you use VHT Paint versus Dupli-Color Caliper Paint, the answer is “no”. You still have to make sure that the calipers are properly prepared and cleaned of anything that will make the paint not stick appropriately or peel.

No matter if you plan to have your calipers painted while on your vehicle or after removed, whoever is painting them will need to make sure that they are exceptionally clean. VHT Caliper Cleaner is a tried-and-true product for this, cleaning grease, grime, oil, and brake fluid easily. Not only that, but it is also appropriate for rotors, drums, and brake calipers, and dries quickly in under 5 minutes without leaving any residue behind.


Although both VHT Caliper Paint and Dupli-Color Caliper Paint can be used on calipers, rotors, and brake drums, VHT Caliper Paint was created with custom detailing of brake components in mind. Since VHT Caliper Paint was specifically formulated for this application it puts it a step ahead of the other options on the market.

Another important difference between VHT Caliper Paint and Dupli-Color Caliper paint is that Dupli-Color Caliper paint only comes in an aerosol version meaning that it can not be easily applied to a vehicle’s calipers without removing them.

VHT Caliper paint, on the other hand, comes with a pint of caliper paint, paint brushes, masking tape, aerosol cleaner, and step by step instructions. If you prefer an aerosol can option to spray on the caliper paint evenly, VHT Caliper Paint also offers this form!


The paint that is used on your brake’s calipers has to be exceedingly durable and strong. VHT Paints specialize in temperature tolerance, with some of their paints being able to withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of this specialty, VHT Paint’s caliper paint can take temperatures up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Dupli-Color’s Caliper Paint can stand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Both options have temperature tolerances suitable for caliper paint, but it is something to consider when choosing.

Outside of temperature tolerance, both products are very durable. Dupli-Color Caliper Paint has a high gloss coating that is made of very durable ceramic resins, and both are resistant to not only chipping, cracking, and rust, but also fading from the sun’s UV light. All of these factors are very important when you want your calipers to stand out in the crowd and stand the test of time.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you are trying to decide between VHT Caliper Paint and Dupli-Color’s Caliper Paint, the answer is difficult. If you have concerns about how much caliper painting costs, both Dupli-Color’s Caliper Paint and VHT’s Caliper Paint are very affordable. So affordable, it may even be a good idea to buy both and test them both out on a piece of scrap to choose which one you like!

Overall, VHT’s Caliper Paint has some advantages over Dupli-Color Caliper Paint despite them both being attractive options that are appropriate for this application. For starters, VHT Paint specializes in automotive paint, especially paint that can withstand high temperatures. This gives it a running start against Dupli-Color’s caliper paint. Although both paints can handle the heat of braking, VHT Caliper Paint exceeds Dupli-Color’s temperature resistance by extra 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, VHT Caliper Paint comes in a couple of colors that Dupli-Color Caliper Paint does not. That being said, Dupli-Color Caliper Paint comes in a silver that VHT Caliper Paint does not have. Finally, the last and possibly biggest difference is that VHT Caliper Paint can be used to paint calipers still on the vehicle because it comes in a pint of paint along with needed paint brushes and in-depth, easy to understand instructions. Dupli-Color is only for painting calipers that have been removed.  

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